Writer, Composer and Singer with a warm and powerful voice, PETER MYLES is Quebec’s rock’n country voice.  Charismatic and friendly, this great performer is one of a kind.  From his electrifying energy, PETER MYLES knows how to transmit his passion to his audience.

MYLES musical style is described as some New Country with a delicate touch of Country Rock.  The audience affectionately call him the king of rock’n country.

For his fifth album Myles is more than ever back to his roots.  He drew in his old country music references such as Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson, Travis Tritt and Billy Ray Cyrus up to the actual country music with the Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean and company…

Sweet treats to the ears for all the country music lovers!


2015Peter Myles is the star of the Salardu rock country festival in Spain. And yes, the Catalans, incredible country music fans, have gone nuts for MYLES  music and requested 3 encores. Professional Country Line Dance choreographer Dominic Tritsch has introduced its new Catalan style dance choreography on MYLES song 'Real Road Hammer'.  It was the year of the Country Line Dance choreographies for Peter. Several European Country Line Dance choreographers have created great choreographies and a peerless professionalism on songs of our country boy!   

Moreover, it has been a corporate tour with ROCK N ROAD '' Home Shows’', a ‘’All Included’’ mobile-stage concept. MYLES has visited the Quebec Capitales and the Ottawa Champions of the Can-Am Baseball League, the St-Hyacinthe Lauréats of the college AAA league and Club Piscine Saint-Hubert.  Nothing less than a new album in sight forMYLES. His first Francophone country-rock album is in production in the studios of 37 Degrees. Compositions outside the common and 'Surprising' verses will be delivered for the fans delight... Briefly, 2016 better stand still ...MYLES is BACK!

2013-2014 Myles is back with a new energizing album with 'Real Road Hammer' of the Quebec Country Road Road Guide that you can get in all the Pro Color body shop in the province. Country-Rock and Ballad are set for a rendez-vous in order to satisfy your hearing and your cowboy boots! On your mark, get set, dance!

2012Between his shows and interviews, MYLES undertakes to write a brand new album with a tone and a color a little more country.  To do so, he surrounds himself with great strings musicians (mandolin, fiddle and pedal steel) which, from the rich sounds of their instruments, will bring out the country sound for which is so pure and traditional in this musical style. 

Between the composition and the studio sessions, MYLES has been invited as a guest of honor during the ‘’Woodstock en Famille’’ press of conference at the Sainte-Julie Lexus Car Concession for the ‘’Woodstock en Famille’’ Festival, where he will perform besides Nanette Workman and Raffy!  Then, MYLES and his team, will take a leap to the Sainte-Hélène en Fête Festival.  Myles will shoot 5 video clips of his brand new concept album ‘’Real Road Hammer’’ and will get set for the promotion of it for February 2013

2011MYLES keeps on spreading his energy and love of country music in the Quebec festivals.  In front of a crowd thirsting for his electrifying music, Myles lift up this one in Montmagny Festival ‘’Les Arts de la Scène’’ and makes it twirl around in the streets on some boisterous rock’n country rythms.  The FESTIVAL DES COULEURS of Sainte-Marie de Beauce was happily waiting with lots of impatience the Myles tornado!  All were dazzled by the performances of this international caliber singer who comes from La Belle Province!!  Then, heading for Quebec City to the EXPO QUEBEC, where the charming Sonia D’Amours, from the ZOOMSHOW webcasting, was waiting for a fun and dynamic interview!  Afterwards, Myles offered a performance of a colorful fiesta way expected by his Quebec regional fans.

The year2010as been significant for the artist which as been rewarded in France by the FRENCH HIGHWAY AWARDS in the ‘’Best International Artist’’ category besides renown artists such as Roch Voisine.  A promotional tour on both sides of the Atlantic was conducted to highlight the success of the recipient.  Not to mention the launch of his first Christmas single ‘’ROCK COUNTRY CHRISTMAS’’ which pleased many radio stations in Quebec, Ontario, Europe but mostly in the U.S.A.. Two video clips as also pleased the fans: ‘’A BIT TOO DRUNK’’ and ‘’BLUE CHRISTMAS’’.

2009A furious year for the great performer that is PETER MYLES: the release of his brand new album ‘’The Devil’s Back In Town’’ in Montreal in March and in Paris Disneyland in October.  The album speaks for it self throughout many radio stations in North America as much as in Europe.  Meanwhile in Quebec, the radio station NRJ was saying: ‘’We are dealing with the Quebec’s Bruce Springsteen artist.  I like it a lot… it has great cheerful blues/rock!!!.  Furthermore,MYLES performed throughout the Quebec province & France in many different events such as: EQUIBLUES FESTIVAL in Ardèche (France) in front of more than 18 000 people.  MALARTIC COUNTRY FESTIVAL, ST-BRUNO-DES-GUIGUES COUNTRY FESTIVAL, CALIXA-LAVALLÉE AGRICULTURAL FESTIVAL and the QUEBEC’S NATIONAL DAY in St-Julie, etc…

2008Between two recording sessions of his new album ‘’The Devil’s Back In Town’’ MYLES gave a spirited performance on the stage of the QUEBEC MR. CHRISTIE CARNIVAL, had fun on the stage of the famous Country Bar in KEY WEST and afterwards flew for NICE in France for the COUNTR’HYERES FESTIVAL where he underlined the 400th anniversary of Quebec city.  Then for the summertime,MYLES will travel the Quebec province country roads where he will perform in many different rodeos.

2007More than ever the great performer is back in shape.  His sabbatical year as made its benefits.  He began the year with a 3 weeks winter tour in the Florida State in the U.S.A..  The king of rock’n country will electrify crowds during his private concerts up to Key West.  Back in Quebec, PETER does his come back on the Quebec scene after a 3 years off.  A tour is materialized in the four corners of la belle province.  PETER MYLES makes the crowds twirl in many venues and big festivals such as: LA FÊTE DU LAC DES NATIONS, LA FÊTE DU LAC WILLIAM, L’EXPOSITION AGRICOLE DE PORT NEUF, a private concert in JONQUIÈRE, the RODEO DU CAMION in Notre-Dame-du-Nord and the EXPOSITION AGRICOLE DE DONNACONNA.  In fall, PETER MYLES does his first Belgium show at the FLANDERS INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL.

2006PETER MYLES took a few month of rest following a road accident.  This resting time gives him time to compose some new songs and to polish up texts. However, he cannot refuse to give his first show of the year in the month of June at the BATEAU THÉATRE L’ESCALE in aid of the Muscular Dystrophy Canada.  The energy slowly comes back andPETERagrees to participate to the ROCK-A-BILLY HALL OF FAME in JACKSON, TENNESSEE.  Welcomed as the King of Quebec’s rock’n country, the American television broadcasted program ABC 7 ‘’Good Morning West Tennessee’’ and the JACKSON SUN gazette greetedPETERin an exclusive interview with a lot of enthusiasm.  This resting time ended in a huge beautiful saloon in France for whichPETERhas a liking for.  That is to say ‘’The Billy Bob’s Saloon’’ in the Paris Disney Village.  Like our French Cousins are saying,MYLES has ‘’Hit It Big’’.

2005Being the Muscular Dystrophy Canada’s guest for a private concert at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Peter and the PMP Music team bustles about the organization of his first European Tour.  Thus, from july 14th to july 28th, PETER MYLES travelled the country roads of France (PLEUMEUR BODOU FESTIVAL, The ARIZONA in Paris, The UTOPIA also in Paris and The Paris EURO DISNEY BILLY BOB’S) and Luxembourg (ROESER’s EURO TEAM COUNTRY CUP) in order to present the ‘’Breaking The Rules’’ show to the country music passionate.  During this tour, Peter amazed the audience by offering an ENCORE with a few songs of his new released single ‘’Vie!’’.

2004EUROPE discovers the American Rock Country music of PETER MYLES where it find its way on many hit parades.  In fall 2004, Peter conquered the French people’s heart while performing at the FESTIWOMEN & GUYS Festival in Roissy-en-Brie.

2002PETER MYLES also performed with renowned artists such as JEFF SMALLWOOD and ROCH VOISINE at the TELETHON FOR RESEARCH INTO CHILDREN’S DISEASES, broadcasted by TVA in 2002.  He also participated to a fond raise called ‘’BASICS FOR BABY’S’’ in Vancouver along with the Canadian male country artists SEAN HOGAN and RICK TIPPE.

2001During JASON MC COY’s show at the Ottawa Hall of Congress, PETER MYLES had one more time stolen the crowd’s heart with his opening act performance.  Then, TQS broadcasted a TV report during the TV Show ‘’Les fils à papa’’.

1999-2000MYLES has been the official spoke person for the FESTIVAL WESTERN DE ST-TITE two years in a row.  He was given not one but three ‘’Standing Ovations’’ by the charmed crowd for whom he gave a dazzling performance in the opening of the Canadian male country artist: JULIAN AUSTIN.  He closed the year with his first released album ‘’Breaking The Rules’’.

The culminated point of his career was undeniably the opening of the Canadian female country artist TERRI CLARK at the CALGARY STAMPEDE.  It as been a triumphant success for the beginning of this new millennium.  This same year, in the scope of the launching of the mini-serie on the life of WILLIE LAMOTHE, TVA broadcasted a TV report on PETER MYLES during his weekly TV show ‘’Dans la peau’’.





‘’A powerful album!  Myles is the living proof for which talent and determination means everything possible’’

Jean-Yves Lemay, Rhytme FM, Montreal

‘’Country Music as we love to hear it. Myles proves one more time that he is a music lover (…). 

Success all the way for our Quebec Country Star’’

Michel Lacroix, RDS

‘’A high quality work, an accessible sound, I like it very much!’’

Éric Nolin, V Télé / Radio CKOI 96,9 FM

‘’Myles music effortlessely blends a smooth country sound with a zydeco backbeat.  

Think of Jimmy Buffet meeting Clifton Chenier over a plate of poutine’’

Chuck Schultz, Country Music Mag, Nashville (TN)

‘’We let ourselves being carried away (…).  Country Music at it’s best from the beginning to the end. 

This Peter Myles is talented!’’

Marc De Foy, Journal de Montreal

‘’A captivating voice, a vigorous rythm (…).IRRESISTIBLE!’’

Gilles G. Lamontagne, Culture Montreal

‘’Great voice!  Lyrics that stays on your mind!  Catchy tunes!!! 

This is a sweet for your ears!’’

Alex Perron, Humorist

‘’We are dealing with a Bruce Springsteen made in Quebec!  He’s awesome… 

Some great festive blues/rock!!!

Denis Fortin, Radio NRJ Montreal

‘’You can measure the quality of a country rock album by how fast your foot taps or your head nods (…). 

Settle back, open a cold one and enjoy.‘’

Peter Kavanagh, CBC Toronto

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